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Books that reflect the stories of Black and Brown children and spark the imaginations of all children.

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"With a rhyming narrative and some eye-catching artwork ... [What a Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Name! is] an engaging tale that kids are bound to love. The storytelling is immersive and thoroughly captivating. The illustrations help bring out the personalities of the characters and make them more relatable to the reader. This is the kind of book young readers ... should read." - Readers' Favorite

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" a sweet bedtime or calm down read that children are sure to enjoy ... Children need to see this family's modeled affection."  - Readers' Favorite

A Peak Between the Covers

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Why Kind Mirror Books?


Read stories that emphasize both the universal and unique aspects of life for Black and Brown children.


Enjoy the use of rhythm, rhyme, and reason to spark the imagination of little readers and create books that big readers won't mind reading more than once.


Experience writing that is refined by the feedback of children and parents before it reaches your hands or your children's ears.

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