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A confidence-inspiring tale that affirms the wonder of every child’s name.


A young girl questions whether her name is all that special. She wonders, “Is it just too different and difficult to say?” Curled up on the couch next to her mom, she asks, “What’s in a name anyway?” In response, her mom sings lovingly about her name’s sweet melody, reminds her of its ties to her family history, and enthralls her with the unfolding mystery of everything her name gives her the space to be. Inspired, this little girl moves from wondering whether her name is special enough to celebrating the wonder of her name.


This heartwarming book includes a personalization page, making it ideal for baby showers, birthdays, naming ceremonies, the start of a new school year, any time a child is entering a new social situation, or a unique holiday present.


Readers can use the link provided with the book to access a printable family tree where they can list all of the wonderful, wonderful names in their immediate family. Teachers, homeschoolers, librarians, and afterschool program providers can also access a lesson plan aligned to the book's theme at the same link.


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What a Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Name!

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