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About Our Company


How We Got Started

L.A. Kimo and La Shauna Richardson first fostered an interest in writing children’s books after the birth of their first son, wanting to provide him (and now them) with a picture of a world that intentionally affirmed that he belongs and stories that reflect his cultural experiences matter. 

What We Hope for Our Readers

We hope the little and big readers of our books will feel uplifted by finding the joy in every moment of childhood and inspired to build the bonds of belonging with those they love most. 

What We Do Besides Writing Books

In addition to writing books, L.A. Kimo is a minister and education management professional and La Shauna is a licensed therapist with extensive experience working with children and families. In their free time, you can find them travelling (or at least daydreaming about it), reading, and baking (we’ll let you guess who is the baker and who is the sampler).
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