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4 Adventure-filled Summer Reads Featuring Black and African American Characters

Summers are made for adventure - for the body and the mind! Here are some of our favorite imagination-filled summer reads showcasing Black and African-American characters engaging in some of the summer's most iconic experiences.

Leo Can Swim by Anna McQuinn

Whether at the recreation center pool, the local pond, or the beach, summer is not complete without some time in the water. Join Leo and his friends as they learn how to swim one splish and splash at a time.

We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs

There's no vacation like a summer vacation! But what if your next trip could take a child you love to someplace altogether new and allow them to see their favorite animals? Zip past the zoo and take your little one on a summer adventure like none other with a safari in Kenya.

Rain Feet by Angela Johnson

Even though summer rain makes things wet, your child does not have to fret! Rainy summer days can be filled with loads of fun, too! Join a little boy as he gleefully explores his neighborhood after a day full of rain and discovers the beauty that the rain can bring.

Rocking Chair, Rocking Chair by L.A. Kimo and La Shauna Richardson

Some of the summer's sweetest memories are made relaxing in a rocking chair - and some of the summer's most remarkable adventures can happen there too. Join a little boy as the rhythmic motion of his family rocking chair takes him on adventures that neither his mind nor heart will soon forget!

Have you read any of these books, or do you have another to add? Share your thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

Happy summertime reading!


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